Apparently I’m reviewing a lot of Triple IPAs, but I guess they speak to me with their boozy, dulcet tones.

Whispering sweet nothings to my liver.

…anyway. I had a tulip of Dirty Bucket Brewing’s NoMo Nano 3x-IPA at Shoreline’s Ridgecrest Public House.

That bar is a local watering hole with a great beer selection and a nightly rotating cast of food trucks.Also it’s within walking distance of my house, so it gets points in case I need to stumble home.

Ridgecrest has a selection of light, dark and sour beers, along with a rare/high ABV selection.

This beer, made by Woodinville’s Dirty Bucket, is juicy and lively, but hides its 10 percent ABV limit well. It clocks in at 85 IBU and it shows it.

It has some dark fruits and floral hops, it pours a coppery color. It coats the mouth and drinks scarily easily. I could drink more of these than I needed to and then have to crawl home instead of stumble.

Dirty Bucket is a brewing company which I have found does well with specialty beers, while its standard selection does just ok.

This is the former. An easy-drinking Triple IPA which is bright, fruity and floral. Give it a try. 83/100