In Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo and hankering for a drink?

You should start with Far Bar, a beer and whiskey-centric spot next to ramen joints.

It’s got a great tap list, a better bottle list and one of the best rare-whiskey selections on the West Coast.

I had the bottled beer of the day, the Kinshachi Red Label.

The beer of the day is one of a rotating selection of Japanese brews (the vast majority I had never seen before). Kinshachi Red Label is a sweet, malty altbier coming in at just 5% ABV. The bottle label is pretty gorgeous as well.

The happy hour food was not good though. I would recommend either sticking to liquid sustenance or trying something off the full menu.

What I would recommend is going next door to Daikokuya, a traditional ramen spot that’s cash only. And it’s amazing, with silky, spicy tonkatsu broth.

Back at Far Bar, my drinking partner ordered the Personal Assistant, an alright little Belgian pale ale from Boomtown Brewery. It was, much like the brewing scene in greater Los Angeles, not much to write home about.

Check out Far Bar, but get Japanese beer, a known-quantity brew or one of the excellent whiskeys.